Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

I'm on dial-up here, so I'm not going to be reading loot lists or fic or anything like that right now. Thalia and the AirPort (Apple modem + wireless router) are not playing nicely with each other.

The family is mostly playing poker upstairs. I still have to call Mama. It's all snowy out there. There is chocolate in here. I got a fog ring gun and a 70% chocolate bar. Yum. The air cannons mostly stayed in SF, as it was too hard to fit them all in the car with the dogs.

Life is good. I am recovering. I still sound horrible.

I have good cellphone reception here. I'm going to keep posting from it mostly, and clear the saved messages off when I know they post. LJ has a text message function. :-D

And yes, I am a little bored. Haven't gotten many more pictures. My sleep schedule is wacky.

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