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Tonight, tonight

Today: Exploratorium. Without pyrogenic, but with Aunt-Fayoumis. I am somewhat devoutly hoping that perhaps Parnelli (the Poodle of Doom, who is a Guide Dog Puppy-in-Training, one of about thirteen experimental poodles in the program) will not be coming with us, but I fear that this is a futile hope, because Guide Dog Puppies go everywhere. The poodle is 9 months old as of the 21st, and very energetic. And stealing my dirty underwear. Are Guide Dogs supposed to do that?

I'm perhaps not a dog person. That, and raranax has already had enough of said poodle, even though it is cute and friendly, and his opinion is contagious.

I thanked both present aunts for not being psychotic, and explained that I'd been reading Holiday Tales of Woe from friends. So. Glad.

I'm on the road to recovery re: the cold, I think. I have most of my voice back for speaking. I was afraid that the coughing has done permanent damage to my singing voice. I may get that back, or I may not. Given that for a few nights I was terrified that the cold would be the death of me, I may be upset if my voice doesn't come back, but I'd rather be alive without a singing voice than dead, also without a singing voice.

The walk on the beach last night was great. I love beach. I really love beach. I love getting soaked and then whipped around by the wind. My aunts were cold. I was happy. -- book_of_daniel joins a gym. Via metaquotes. I think fannish_fitness might appreciate a link to this one.

Conscious, responsive woman taken off ventilator in Texas. Where's the Culture of Life? -- Those personals usernames to avoid.

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