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Yay for plans?

Doesn't really affect anyone but me, but no exploratorium this time. Too early for too little payoff, too crowded, too little time, and too little sleep.

Next time.

Life is still good, and I'll still be wandering about with something approaching manic glee, but I'll be having rather more time to do it in.

I'm disoriented and exhausted and really ready for bed, but I don't want to sleep just yet, despite the fact that I have to be up to finish that project in the morning. Ordinarily I'd find myself IMing random friends, but since I forgot to bring cat-5 (thinking it wouldn't be necessary) IM is sort of right out.

... I'm really having a screwed-up finish-up to my night, and no matter the cause, I know the cure. Too bad that said cure is unavailable right now. Alas.

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