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IDIOTS. (Some people on Kittenhate can't spell.)

So I get a message on Kittenhate:
and to think i havent been on KH for a while.......and there's ur posts today........i just returned from phoenix 2 days ago.....wanna chat some? sorry i didnt know u were down there durin my have a great weekend & happy new year.

see ya, don

My reply:
1) I don't know you.
2) Spelling and other factors of your message give me absolutely zero interest in chatting with you or getting to know you.

The return message was an apology of sorts for the chatspeak, written in -- you guessed it, more chatspeak. I accidentally deleted it on the site, but isn't it nice that they send notification e-mails?
sorry about my abbreviations.........guess i should have warned you. if you
don't mind too much, what are the other i was hoping i could
get to know answer

My reply was one word: "Goodbye."

Then I updated my profile with the following message:
1) If you want to watch me wank, cyber with me, video chat with me, meet up with me, or have sex with me, you are out of luck. Don't bother asking. If you do bother asking, I'll think you're a boor, and any chance of getting to know me you'd had will disappear.

2) If you want to communicate with me, for the love of Gods, take some care with your spelling and grammar and the like. If you think that capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and proper usage are obsolete, then I DON'T WANT TO KNOW YOU.

These disclaimers are brought to you by one too many fucking idiots who think that posting on Kittenhate is the same as putting out a singles ad. Fucking idiots who can't write, no less.

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