Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

blue hair

I have wanted blue hair ever since I was 15 and at the Center for Talented Youth summer programs. There, it was just a "let's do it because everyone else will be doing it" thing, and because I thought it sounded cool, but after that it took root in my psyche as being symbolic of the good times and crazy things that were CTY.

It remained in the weird collage that is my mind as "something I will have to do someday" until I reached the age of 18 and went to college for the first time, where Melvina and I stayed up way late one night and bleached my hair. It turned a funky orange, and we re-bleached it and then I got some hairdye, Punky Colours Atlantic Blue, which had this horrid nasty fake blueberry smell, and we dyed my hair blue. I looked like a Smurf: my face and neck and hands were blue too.

After it turned green I dyed it black again.

Since then my hair has been blue off and on, in all of its various lengths. Last summer while living in a small cabin in Alaska, the lack of proper bathing facilities got to me and I shaved the front half of my head completely (on a dare from George) and then later cut the rest very short. The part that was completely shaved is down to the end of my nose, now, and is growing back in dark brown.

If there were a way to have my hair turn navy blue permanently forever, I would most likely do it, except for that whole thing with jobs in Corporate America not taking too well to nonstandard hair colors. If I could have navy blue hair, though, really dark navy blue, I could either dye it or braid it or both.

I still don't know why I want blue hair so much, but I know it's just the most interesting hair color to have.
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