Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

I are geek. Watch me defrag.

Oo la la, aren't we all geeky now.

I got told at work that Management needed to see me in the back. (Ph34r.)

First, my proposal about a program to make my job easier on the system went over really well. In my two-week vacation, there was stuff going on with IT, and I got to meet one of the back-room fellows, and I got to see the beta release of something that was created based upon my suggestion.

I suggested it. Someone else built it. I'm so very geekily high right now. And I'm sure I'm much easier to code for than other people might be, because I can understand the limitations of the system and understand trade-off. And oh, this will save us so, so very much time. I made some naive suggestions based on the fact that I don't know the underpinnings of the system too well, and I don't know the business plan too well either, but the main functionality (compare scheduled-in vs. logged-in, sort by last name or sort by booth number) is present and accounted for. (Or, at least, will be after the dude goes back and adds in logged-in-but-not-scheduled and adds in sort-by-booth-number.)

So I am gleeful on that account.

The second reason Management needed to see me in the back? Management had "a little project" for me. (Ph34r. Seriously.) This one utilized my massive amount of IT training ... in feeding floppies into the machine to extract a backup off of nearly-obsolete media.

5 hours later, the brain was dead from dull, but I had processed about 80 floppies.

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