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Time for me to learn scripting.

Before I get into anything complicated, though, I think I'd be a lot more comfortable copying crap off disks from the command line rather than the newfangled mouse-way. Eh?


...Something tells me I'm going to mung things up somewhat badly in my learning process, and something also tells me that I'd be ever-so-slightly crucified for using an Untested Application Dammit on the network. Especially if it munged things up. (Erm. I think Naomi just came out, because I don't say "mung".)

Granted we could keep it off the network and just play around on the local drives, which is probably safest. Um. Heh.

Leave a geek with a repetitive task for five mind-numbing hours, and the geek will be falling all over herself to make the machine do it for her so all's she has to do is type the stuff on the label in, feed it the disk, read a book, then eject, and repeat.

Except it doesn't do to be reading a book where Management can see you. And I was working In The Back on this, with the computers that have swappable floppy drives, in a cubicle under Management's nose. I was working in the Sampling cubicle! Next to Comic Pirate Super! At K-Bone's computer! (It's a big cubicle, with three corners, and a computer in each corner. Nice and spacious, but also cozy and homey because K-Bone has a bazillion pictures of the kidlets.)

Now. I think that I'll be going back to our book, because if she stays up with this, we'll be up all night.

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