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Azure Jane Lunatic

Things that quack like a day

Went to work as scheduled. Helped with the set-up. My opposite came in, and I scrammed out of the desk.

Turned out that the disks I was supposed to be copying to the network? Were very much Not There. Management was bringing them in, at least in theory. So I wound up monitoring. Stressy College Chick called Management after an hour (to give her time to wake up). I edited, handed out monitor reports, walked, edited some more, and that was about all I could do. I negotiated with Stressy College Chick and we agreed that since my reason for being in today was the project, and the project could not be done at this point in time, that I could be "collapsed to home" and she could call and I could come back in if Management could dig up the disks during the day.

She called around noon-thirty, but told me that it was rather too late in the day (it was a short shift) for me to come back in, so I can just do them tomorrow afternoon, just stay until it's done after my morning shift finishes.

Went home, picked up the holiday package from Mama and opened it, poked around online a bit, then conked out for a serious nap.

Called Darkside, eventually. Pointed out the order of operations in that serious crush I got on Sandstrom -- he was unremarkable to me until I heard him speak, and given that he was lecturing on some highly geeky shit, I thought, approximately, "ohmiGods, he has a BRAIN too!" and thereafter pretended I wasn't drooling.

Darkside made faces at me over the phone and clearly bought none of it, even though it was true.

The Geek Review of Bloodrayne: The Movie seems to be "Eww. Don't waste your time." Darkside holds with this near-universal opinion, and proceeded to give me details, while cheerily slurping blood from the necks of assorted Nazis. (He decided that the best way to wash the badness of the movie out of his brain was to play the actual game, for great justice.)

Life is good. I've been reading through back entries and tagging stuff, and now I have a headache. I blame the potato crisps.


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