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Doing the Dread Project, with xcopy a:\ c:\TEMP\Discs\###\ /c /f /i /e /r

This seems to be doing the trick quite nicely. I just ran into a whole box of blank disks. I have the Cute Desk Guy tapped to help me write labels, which is the worst part of it all, I think.

I could be doing this in a slightly more geeky fashion, but I'd be hard-pressed to be having a much easier time of it. Typed it out in full the first time, and now I'm doing up-arrow, using the back arrow, manually incrementing the directory name by one when the previous disk was not blank, and trying to re-label the directory with a slightly more descriptive name when one's available, but preserving the numbering.

This could be a hell of a lot worse. As it is, I seem to have it down to a science. And thank goodness for pre-written number labels. I was doing that in some of my downtime in the bullpen, and I got the Cute Desk Guy to doing it. Whee!

I have xcopy echoing the filenames as it copies them, so I get to get an idea of what's on the thing to summarize it if there's no label.

I could be doing many, many worse things. I rather like this assignment, now that the headache's gone out of it and I'm not mousing all over the place. Yowza, that's a lot of files on this one!

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