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Monitored today. The shift didn't start until 10:30, which had supervisors there at 9:30. I had gotten spoiled being check-in so much. Now that the not-enough-work side of the hours crunch is hitting, I will be lucky to get 30 hours this week. That's not such a good thing.

It was the end of the logical week, so there were only ten monitor reports for me to do, and four of them were second-time-'round on people. There was a computer error, largely caused by a klutzy whack at a keyboard that left me re-doing a monitor report after the browser backed out of the report that had just been finished and was about to be submitted. And it was one of those tapes where you can't just scrap it, call it Computer Error, and re-tape and re-monitor live. No, the report had to be re-constructed.

I validated after that. To validate, one winds up calling back a certain percentage of the people surveyed on any given survey to make sure that yeah, we did talk with them, and it wasn't just a phone booth or something. (And we've gotten that.)

The day ended early with downtime.

There was an in-depth discussion (as break trailed to a close) about the recent changes we're still undergoing. There are three child companies of the parent company involved in the aggregation of phone centers. One company outsources everything. Two of them insource things and have phone centers. Of those with phone centers, the other company has six and we have just the one. As Comic Pirate Super pointed out, it makes business sense to have the one phone center do the bulk of (okay, all of) the changing.

So our positions are being made to line up with their positions, and so on and so forth. This seems to be leading to net disgruntlement. Some of the changes are indeed more efficient, but some of them seem very arbitrary and unnecessary.

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