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At least I got it written down before passing out or anything.

azurelunatic: I made myself my own version of a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster! With a few substitutions.
reichiere: i'm suddenly frightened
Except for Ol' Janx Spirit, i used Captain Morgan. And for the water from the seas, limeade. Sparkling.
I didn't have any gin, much less mega-gin, but vodka is pretty close.
The Fallian marsh gas, to properly reproduce as I suspect intended, would have required a) a bong and b) me to actually smoke that stuff. So I sort of left that one out.
Hypermint extract? Try 90 proof peppermint schanpps. Suntiger teeth? Don't got. Atomic fireball? Got.
Zamphour was the most elusive. I added kosher salt and said "eh". I had an olive.
No slice of lemon to stick on the side of the glass,a las.
Ain't bad.
Would improve if iced. Alas, I have nooooo ice.

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