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Proposal: "Yelling Room" (written up a good long time ago, typed up now)

Proposal: "Yelling Room"
To: Hell, Inc.
From: A. Lunatic, Phone Goon

Respondents can be difficult, irate, rude, profane, and generally frustrating. They can yell at us, but we can only hang up on them. Additionally, phone goons are expected to remain in control of their tempers and vocabulary while in the interviewing area. This can lead to high amounts of stress on phone goons. Stressed phone goons are not as effective, and productivity drops. And there is only so much stress relief provided by a deep breath and a trip to get a fresh glass of water.

To provide better stress relief for phone goons and thus provide better service for our clients, I propose the creation of a "yelling room" for stress relief of phone goons. The room would be a small, fully soundproofed room conveniently located from the main interview area. After dealing with a difficult respondent, a phone goon could check in with their supervisor and visit the yelling room. Once inside, with the door securely closed to provide full sonic isolation from the interviewing area and any passerby, the phone goon could vent their frustrations by yelling as loud as they cared to.

The two problematic issues that this phone goon can see with creating this resource would be space and cost. There is no space that presents itself that is convenient to the interview area. Thus, it would require careful planning to include such an area. It would also be at no small cost, but it is entirely possible that the savings from less-stressed phone goons could make up for the cost of installation over time.

I hope that this suggestion will be considered with care proportional to the seriousness of the suggestion.

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