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Old shiny/avoid list, typed up and updated a little

This got written up and tacked in a place where it could not be missed after a discussion over a notable disaster of a gift. (I'm still sifting through a pile of papers, and the easiest way to dispose of old papers where the information should be kept but the paper could be tossed is to type them up for LJ.)

small crock pot (got one now)
ice cream maker
bath products
good lotion
shiny pens
bookstore gift certificate
Trader Joe's gift certificate
flowy black skirts in my size
another body pillow (I now have two or three more)

Good scents:
sandalwood, musk, rose, vanilla

Things to avoid:
Things with gratuitous chickens
the dreadful lavender-scented gift basket thing (this was a specific gift with some very nasty items, in addition to lavender being a scent I don't care much for)
useless decorative items that need to be dusted

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