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Central Alaskan Pagan Name Quiz (draft in progress)

Again, written up some time ago, typing it up now. WIP, spoilers.

Pagan name is a bird and a tree.

Where do you like to hang out?
Downtown, where all the action is. = pigeon
Downtown, off by myself, with my friends -- doesn't matter, as long as there's something interesting, or at least food. = raven
I like to hang out with my friends, but usually not downtown. It's a little scary there. = chickadee, redpoll
I hang out on the edges of things, with a buddy or two and my SO. = grosbeak
I hang out by myself, in general. I like to be alone. = owl

When you're with your friends, what do you do?
Talk, hang, eat, nothing special. = pigeons
Hang out at the restaurant or coffee house, talk, have a good time -- everybody's running in and out all the time. It can get a little confusing. = chickadee, redpoll, grosbeak
Talk, eat, play sports -- whatever, as long as it's not boring. = raven
What friends? = owl

How do you interact with those outside your social group?
We're pretty easygoing. If someone tries to muscle us around, we go somewhere else. = pigeon
We don't pick fights with strangers, but if you're one of us, you'd better watch your own back! Everyone for themselves! = redpoll, chickadee
While there may be a lot of fighting going on around us, no one really messes with us much. We don't really mess with anyone either. = grosbeak
Anyone's game for a prank. People may say we're assholes, but they just need to lighten up. = raven
Wish those damn punks would go pick on someone else. = owl

What do you wear?
We each have our own individual style, but we tend to wear similar sorts of things if you look at a lot of us together. = pigeon
Noticeable solid colors. = chickadee
The basics. No one dresses to stand out. = redpoll
Bright colors, or classic elegance. = grosbeak
Basic black. = raven
It doesn't really matter. No one sees it enough to notice. = owl

What do you eat?
Pretty much anything. We're not picky. = pigeons
Vegan/vegetarian (though sometimes we might make an exception or two) = grosbeak, chickadee, redpoll
Anything and lots of it! Ooo, are those leftovers? They're still good! Dibs! = raven
I prefer meat. = owl

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