Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Another something wonderful to get blocked. Bye-bye, troll.

(12:37:31) maxi_mangsi: hi
(12:37:46) maxi_mangsi: life is good ok
(12:38:00) maxi_mangsi: :)
(12:39:22) : Buzz!!
(12:39:39) maxi_mangsi: plz chat me i like good
(12:39:45) maxi_mangsi: Nana nana nana!
(12:40:54) : Buzz!!
(12:41:05) maxi_mangsi: plz?
(12:41:05) maxi_mangsi: chat
(12:41:15) maxi_mangsi: hallp me
(12:41:18) : Buzz!!
(12:41:43) maxi_mangsi: I really am the greatest ever to play this game, aren't I?

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