Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Can't sleep; grues will eat me.

Killing time by hitting the spr0t boards (a little) and answering questions on the news post (a lot).

As of now I'd have maybe 2.5 hours of sleep before work.

So. Um.

Coffee time?

... or not. Yikes, where did the exhaustion sneak up from?

Setting the alarm for 6; have to be to work by 8:30. Looks like a good plan. Am so walking to work. I don't care if I've got wheels now, I am so not driving on 2 hours sleep and anyway I want to walk because I can't afford to get lazy even though I have wheels at the moment. 1/2 mile does not mean time to drive.

Tomorrow at work is sit and work on disks at any rate. Quiet, peaceful, a minimum of interaction-with-people and a minimum of crazy jarring noises. Sounds like a good thing. I'll set up the espresso machine.

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