Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

That flighty temptress, sleep.

Sleep count: zero to none. Well then. I guess I'll just have to face a day at work without it! Hoping it will be a short one because of this. Goodness.

I only have, what, 200-odd more disks to copy. Right? Heh.

Pandora is my friend.

I am getting five jillion comments from my shower-sarcasm-script thing. I am a lot flattered and a little concerned, because I head off to work soon, and, well, five jillion comments!

Random things that people stumbling in might be interested in knowing --

I'm a Lunatic. That, and I post a lot.
I don't mind it if people read me, though I may boggle.
I probably won't have time to answer a zillion comments today because I will be at the dread Work, though actually I like it decently well when I'm in a good mood, and work + LJ != OTP.

Explained the happenings of the last few days to chorus_of_chaos in comments. Took shower. Idea took on life of its own. Emerged from shower. Wrote up idea. Re-wrote to suit demands of picky Thalia, muse of Comedy. Posted. Thought that a few friends who volunteer in Support might get a giggle. Belatedly realized that there probably weren't all that many explanations other than news of what's been going down.

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