Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Caffeine is my shepherd; I walk through the valley of sleep dep, and I feel noooooo pain...

I'm a little fuzzy, a little foggy, a little woozy
around the edges, but I'm at work and awake. It's a
lucky thing that I'm in back today, though I was out
front. Operating at about 3/4 speed in general here.

One-Man Bald Nudity Crusade was out in partial force.
There was general bogglement left over from yesterday.
Rev. Not-So-Nice Supervisor confirmed that the rehash
the security guard did about the relative business
ethics of vending machine operators vs. drug dealers
was in fact a reasonably accurate representation of
what the dude in question actually was ranting.

This morning featured errors on spreadsheets that I
don't have to deal with. I am determined to brush up
on my Excel so I can do these things too. Part of the
trouble seems to be that Management is an Excel guru,
and breathes the sort of spreadsheet magic that makes
mere mortals hide their eyes in abject terror.

All in all, though, it's a nice, calm morning so far.
I've been back here an hour. I get to sort through my
e-mail at work, but I've been trying to avoid the LJ
website proper on the very rational grounds that I
really ought not to be there at work anyway, and IT
does not need to know my username. I get to update
through e-mail, yay, so I do that while waiting for
the disks to copy.

And if IT has keyloggers about, they know far more
than they need to already. Including the fact that I
have what amounts to a geekboy fetish.

I was watching the spread of my "LJ in the past few
days" summary-thing through the informational aether
with some bemusement before I left for work. In most
of my watching the spread of LJ information, I'd
discounted the /friendsfriends as a tool for the
catching and spreading of memetic content, but redaxe saw this there, and redistributed, so I
went and poked through my /friendsfriends to see
what-all was there. The contents of /friendsfriends
are as much surprising as they are familiar, because
it's the interests of the people and communities that
your friends are interested in, but they're the things
about them that you haven't discovered yet, or that
you know about but don't watch regularly. Hi, random
people. It'll be a considerable stretch of time before
I get all the comments sorted, because, again, work
time! Whee!

I had been planning on calling my bondmate to see if
today would be a good day for me to drive out to Mesa
and drop by with belated Christmas. But given the
state of the sleep deprivation, I rather fear it'll be
too late to do that by the time I get sleep to make
that safe, and there wouldn't be much time should he
decide that today was a good day for actual time spent
together. So I'll go home, call like a good best
friend, and then get some sleep. Maybe tomorrow.

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