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OMFG INBOX. *waves* Hi, people.

Migod. I started out the morning looking happily at my inbox, which was down to below 50 items, most of which were triaged at low importance.

When I got home from work, despite having the sort of day where I could watch my e-mail and reply to stuff every so often instead of being 110% focused on the task at hand (mostly because the task at hand was sitting and waiting for floppy disks to copy themselves), I had over 150 messages in the inbox and more arriving.

*grin* I'm not really used to this.

- People are welcome to add me & read me, though I'm not always this interesting.
- I do not add back automatically, because I only have so many hours in my day. There isn't much in the way of actual locked content, though there is a lot of private non-content.
- I write a lot in here. This is yet another iteration of a very long, long trend of me writing a lot in my journals, except previous journals were always paper.
- There is often Backstory. If lost, give a shout, and someone will probably provide context of some sort or another.

I'm working my way through answering the comments that look like they need answering. That is seriously a lot of comments. I think I'll probably be tripping on that aspect of it all for days.

This really gives me hope for some future involving a writing-related career, though I suspect this is just because I happened to write something accessible and insightful on a common and obfuscated issue. At the right time of day.

Bed soon, because work tomorrow, and goodness only knows how much of a stack of comments I'll come back to! I'm hoping that I'll get to go see Darkside tomorrow afternoon. I called today and got his mom, Lady Malfoy. He was going "to see a friend" (how very informative he is, eh?) and his time of return was uncertain.

Laundry-geeking turned into fashion discussion. Lady Malfoy is evidently a Winter just like me. That turned into a discussion of Darkside's clothing habits, and where I should shop for gift cards for him in the future. ;) And that turned into career-discussion, from where I learned that Darkside, in his uniquely closed fashion of communications, thought something had been communicated that hadn't. *sigh* I'll have to coax him into deobfuscation. Soon.

Meanwhile, I have followed his mother's clarifications, and Darkside has been introduced to my buddy at EA via the modern magic of e-mail. I did not resist the temptation to give voice to my diabolical laugh in the body of the introductory e-mail itself. They're young geek men of an age with each other and they both know me, and they both have that sense of humor. Either things will go distantly, very well indeed, or not well at all, and blasted if I can predict which it'll be. I know which I want it to be.

Now. Mornings come early, and I still need to find the huggy rock.
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