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Not dead.

Went to bed in a reasonably timely fashion Saturday night; got up Sunday morning and went to work.

Pink Shirt Guy wasn't in. I did the check-in things I could do out front (there was one notable spreadsheet that I have to do things with that was missing; that spreadsheet is having some errors with macroes, and will be reconstructed manually, and then Management will have a look at it when she gets in. I saw part of what was going wrong in the VB, but it went by too fast, and I don't know that spreadsheet and it's not commented for an outsider to work with.

Went back into Sampling and finished up the work on the suite of backup disks involving that selfsame spreadsheet. I thought all was done, but then -- I found one stray file lurking in a place I hadn't looked. And because I'd measured once, I had to cut twice -- er, that is to say, I had to copy the damn files off the CD and back onto the HD because, surprise surprise, by Managerial Instruction I'd deleted them off the network as soon as I got them burned. So. Burn, copy, re-add, re-burn.

This is the amount of floppy-disks I've been working with.

I was about to stack the completed disks onto Management's desk in my triumph, when a little thing at the back of my head warned me that this was too easy, and not enough evidence of hard work done, visually. And I was reminded of grifyn's triumphant presentation of a color-coded, tabbed, and indexed report binder to someone who was maybe expecting papers shoved in a folder any which way.

Management may have been expecting naked CDs in a pile on her desk. What Management got was a rubber-banded pair of sets of disks-in-paper-sleeves (one primary and one backup) with each set wrapped in a clever little paper label proclaiming the broad topic on the front and the contents of each disk on the back. I was wise enough to realize that there was no way for me to make this look slick without making it look exceptionally cheesy, especially as I had not really got the tools to hand to present these properly. I did not want to make this look like it was supposed to look good but I fell short of the mark. Instead, I went for higher-end presentation dressed down. A slick semi-gloss color CD booklet only looks good in a jewelcase. A label with the company logo slapped on a notebook and with the contents written on it looks good in semi-gloss color, and is cutely ironic wrapped around a stack of CDs.

I anticipate being patted on the head and being given more interesting little things to do in the future.

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