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Day turns into night.

Woke up & headed off to Metrocenter to meet up with hcolleen. We poked around in Suncoast, but I did not find anything worthy of my gift card. (Yet.) I may try online or something.

My proposal of Lee Lee's as a destination was met with great enthusiasm; we found ourselves rocketing over freeways in the general direction of Chandler. While in there, we found a great number of interesting things. I got Glinter soft drink, peach flavor on general principle because it had an interesting container. It may not come over particularly well in the photo on that website, but the body of the can is in fact transparent plastic, and only the top is aluminum.

I mostly got sauces and the like. If I'm going to be cooking more, I might as well expand the number of things that I can be cooking. I now have sweet & sour sauce, unspiced sesame oil, sweet cooking rice wine, sushi seasoning, wasabi, and a small selection of other things.

I completely forgot to get soap, which was the whole reason I needed to go there. Ooops.

We wandered about the area some more, making stops at the Arizona Mills mall and then Changing Hands Bookstore. I found a wonderful little fish that reminded me far too much of something a clever Cetagandan intelligence coordinator might have placed in a fountain full of koi. This led to hcolleen starting off reciting bits from "To His Coy Mistress"; I chimed in where I could remember the words.

I have things in my head on the act of will it takes to turn away from Mesa at just that hour of the night. It is 40 miles away from where I live, but "home" is with him, in my head. It is five years, and five years should be enough time to give up a lost cause, but I find that I am happiest as currently things are going. I suspect it's the person rather than the situation, because the being in love with oJsh was a Semi-Tragic Hopeless Cause (though fun), and the Weird Interlude with Fuzzy was just plain scary. I need to ask myself if I really need a physically romantic relationship at all. It's been established that I do need a courtly romantic relationship, but it might be possible for sanity's sake to confine that to a Knight-and-Queen scenario, starring me as the knight. (Darkside? Would make a dreadful drag queen. For the record.)

I also realized that when I was visiting Darkside on Sunday, I forgot to hide my star. I'm assortedly neopagan, very eclectic, and I've been deliberately keeping low-key on this issue in the presence of my bondmate's parents. Malfoy Senior is an opinionated middle-aged bastard, and getting in a lively and unfriendly argument with him is not my idea of a good time. Not that I ever have, but it's not a good thing to get in the habit of. And I have no idea if wearing a shiny silver pentacle in his presence is sufficient to start off that kind of argument, and I don't really plan on finding out. The parents didn't really see much of me this time, as Darkside dragged me directly off to his room.

The only one close enough to have seen it would have been his mom, and his mom I can talk with. I have a Lecture waiting in the wings, all of it true, about the primary reason I wear this nowadays. It was given to me by someone who had an immense effect on my religious, spiritual, and personal life. I met them during a really difficult time in my life, and they were there for me, listened to me, and gave me hope that I could be stronger and happier than I was. And they gave me this. Insert a rehash of Plato's cave idea, except with more stained glass window. Point out that the dude in question was in fact Christian, but not mention that the dude in question, this paragon of virtue, Godliness, and light, is probably in fact standing very quietly out of the range of the immediate crossfire.

But that's only in case it happens. I may introduce a stripped-down version of the tale, leaving out a few of the more controversial issues, even if the topic of the necklace does not come up.

Current projects:
Must bring shelves up from car to set up in "pantry" area (stolen from space that was supposed to be dining room). Similarly, things that are in the way of the place where they are to be assembled must be moved. This may involve the storage shed, because of the black plastic shelves that are too tippy to store pantry items on but are still not worthy of being thrown out.

Also must arrange a shelf of some sort behind the bed between the bed and the wall. This will be for alarm clock. Alarm clock at the foot of the bed Does Not Work particularly well as a thing that is effective. I like knowing what time it is if I wake up in the night. When I wake up in the night.

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