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Bad Research

The Dove Foundation or someone representing them called me at the end of writing group, wanting to do a survey. The survey was one question: do you agree or disagree with this statement? The statement:

a) Ratings are growing more lax;
b) Children's media is growing more "edgy";
c) I'm concerned that parents and grandparents cannot do anything about this but monitor the child's TV/media watching.

...what. the. fuck. I said that I did not understand the question. It was broken down for me again. I wanted to know if I was speaking with an IVR, because the person or thing sounded exactly like the Qwest IVR. I said it was bad research. I wanted to know what they meant by "family". I wanted to speak to a fucking human. I got hung up on. I'm going to call tomorrow and give them a piece of my professional mind.

Never mind that I do think that a lot of the programming is bad. I don't like the way they're conducting their research.

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