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Three, six, nine, twelve, twenty-four.

Three months ago, I was looking at odd knitting projects, playing with a new digital camera, listening to a lot of music, writing vaporware, and posting a lot from my cellphone.

Six months ago, I had found some of the vital Lost Stuff from my move, showed my Space Geek roots, and was socializing with friends.

Nine months ago, I hung out with the Figment while his car broke down and visited random interesting websites.

Twelve months ago, I discovered I was not all that different than the way I was in high school, needed a better reliable local news source, and didn't drink the tapwater.

Twenty-four months ago, I decided that I need black-on-black pseudo-yin-yang earrings if I ever work with Oracle much, needed to write an essay on the Ivory Tower Princess & the Bardling, made an icon from the Bug Logbook photo, participated in the fandom_scruples wank by suggesting that someone give the poor thing a Paid Account (and therefore an e-mail address), made another icon, and IMed with Sis.

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