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Azure Jane Lunatic

Day! Night! Chaos! Exhaustion! Work!

Didn't give plasma. Did help out in userdoc; there are things that take a lot of help with tagging. Tags show the last N entries, where N is any of the following:

100 (the new limit)
the last number of possible tagged entries before they changed it to 100
the last number of possible tagged entries plus all the new ones tagged since then
100 plus the last several posted but under the threshold number of entries that it'll take for the system to recognize it should pare down the "tagged entries with this tag" cache to the limit

With me, it was showing me 104 entries, then 113, then more, and more, as I kept tagging more, until finally 120, 121, and then 100 again. Weird stuff. It's fun testing shit. It really is. I like volunteering with LJ.

Freeway was bad traffic. Tried to bring trystan_laryssa along; she was at class. (Ooops.) RC liked the "Fictional Character" shirt. He planned to put same on some Sims, and put an "Actual Character" shirt on the sims of him and Trys. I suggested "Real Character", as in, "he's a Real Character". Groan, groan.

Writers group fun. We got kicked out to the couches upstairs; there was a mentoring meeting in our conference room. The "Alive" piece went over well. Wrote the "I am from..." thing; that still needs polishing.

Need to go back and fix up Harriet some more.

Same thing as every night, Pinky. This time our fabulous waiter was off-duty but had come back for more -- overstaffed, so they took a volunteer to go home, but home was boring as his buddies opted for a movie and he did not want that. So he sat with us. And there was chaos & confusion. He's a beauty school graduate; his new place is right by Fiat, it sounds like. He has devoted customers for life, I think.

Much with subtext.

I declined to donate hair for a Medicine thing. Not my connection, there. Just ... not. Other endeavors, other things ... but not a connection there that I am maintaining. Friendship sluts don't put out where they don't want to.

azwriter understood about the whole "It's not my best work" thing.

Came back home. Laundry. Getting shelves out of car. Dawn called.

Not answering any more "this week on LJ" comments tonight -- vacation. Is a thing, you know? Weekend. Just chilling here. Dishes are being done. I'm taking some time to be Loony. Just a little.
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