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princess of the night, and ruler of all she surveys...

Whole lot of randomness that didn't belong in the last post.

Stopped crying after the videos all stopped working and I closed the site. It took a while, though. Lunatic owner's manual says that aftercare for a sobbing, crying Lunatic involves serious decongestant love, or else the Lunatic will be sick for a week.

Work today was certain forms of chaos. Was scheduled to monitor, but the Check-In Princess went home before the shift started. I muddled along in blissful ignorance of this and Obso1337 Super did check-in stuff, but when I emerged around 5 to pick up a minus report, they spied me and shanghaied me into doing check-in stuff.

I checked my work e-mail and discovered that the big long epic e-mail I'd written about the Dendarii Brewing Company Survey (problems therewith) got summarized almost in its entirety and sent on to the client, along with suggested actions to fix same. The same list got distributed to the entire field staff with suggestions to write up something to fix two of the front-of-the-survey issues. I was instructed to hold down the phones in the bullpen while everybody else took lunch. I skimmed through that message, and proceeded to decide that, well, since Stressy College Chick was probably going to delegate it to me anyway, so I might as well write an addition to the intro pre-emptively, and just submit it to her for approval when she came off lunch.

Week before last, I won a pair of bus tickets from the women's center. Last week I evidently won another pair. I didn't put my name in the drawing this week. I should next week, just to see what happens. That's a rather lot of good bus karma I've built up there!

I have a meeting with some member of Management tomorrow half an hour after I get in. My opposite and Homie G Super are going to be there as well. I have no idea what it's about. I hope it's a good-to-neutral thing. It should be, because I'm not aware of screwing anything up lately.

Have fallen in love with the J-Pop band Two-Mix. I fell in love with their music sometime back in 2001, but this makes it official. I've been happily bopping around to everything I've found so far, and my abdominal muscles are not thanking me at the moment, but I'm keeping going, because stopping shaking my hips around would mean going against inertia. A Lunatic in motion tends to remain in motion.

Really Long Forwarded Messages with cute little graphics and inspirational stuff? So. Annoying. Made a point of replying to a "forward this back to me if you think I deserve a hug" with not the forward, but a nethug.

Rev. Not-So-Nice Super and Homie G Super are plotting something together. It involves making homemade gelatin out of skanky fingernail clippings. I printed out the Snopes article on jello content for them; this cheered them both immensely and made them decide that I was part of the conspiracy. That's fine with me -- this way, they won't be serving me any. I seem to have become the Research Queen of the bullpen. Now with bonus glitter graphics tool via nalidoll, who greatly amused me by glitzing up the word "Jello", thus reminding me of the Conspiracy.

clarinetkid4eve has invited me to be part of her wedding! Glee! Girlie stuff! Whee!

Am considering writing a regular feature doing "translations" of Official LJ Admin-Type Posts into LJ-style slangy sarcasm. Sounds like it could be a brilliant concept, but also very easy to do very badly, and easy for me to get bored with. Hmm. Worth consideration, though.

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