Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Day! (Ack.)

I'm home. They're home. We're all home. Dagger-and-Marah is in the shower; Naomi is over on the comfy chair giggling over a book.

... I don't think any of us quite realized before this that Naomi is fucking manic. Like, ten-pizzas-and-a-new-server-charged-to-the-credit-card manic. Which she didn't do. Fortunately. It could have happened, though.

But just as we were having the big fight about who was going to work and who was staying home (we were insisting we had to go to work, Naomi was insisting she wanted to because it was fun, and Dagger/Marah was saying that, well, somebody had to, and whoever it was had better get the fuck dressed) it sort of occurred to Dagger/Marah that Naomi could not by any means be unaccompanied, because it's a Rule that she always has if not an outright babysitter, at least someone to keep an eye on her if anything does happen.

And that meant that Dagger/Marah was it, since Joan got grouped with me and she's the one who does the whole "professional" thing. Naomi won the fight about the velvet skirt, so I got the slinky glittery one, even though I was really in the mood for comfort clothing. I guess she was too.

Dagger says she swears next time she's driving with Naomi, Naomi is sitting in the back with handcuffs on or something. It wasn't so much that it was trouble as it was that Naomi wiggles. And pokes at things. Fortunately we all have compatible tastes in music (we sort of had to) so Naomi playing with the radio was not a complete disaster.

The mall was not an option, because there is only so much time that can be soaked up at the mall without buying something, and there was no way that Dagger was letting anybody get started spending anything over fuel and food today. Just driving around was out -- traffic, pollution, wrong time of day, and most horribly, Naomi without glasses. So it was the library. (Joan suggested just having them stay home. But. Naomi? On the computer? All day? Unsupervised? ...No. Just ... no. Two words: Pay. Pal.)

I'm probably going to make a relatively early night of it. There are still clothes left for tomorrow, though I'll have to ask somebody to do some more laundry lest things become critical.

It's weird. I'd have thought that if this had happened, that we'd sort of flock together like we normally do inside. But when we're out, I guess it looks like we go our own ways all day long if we can. If Naomi didn't require supervision (and if she'd had glasses), Dagger/Marah was threatening to leave her the January bus pass we still have and let her wander around the bus system all day. Then they'd probably take the car and run errands. And I'd be stuck at work. Lucky twits.

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