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Work. Been splitting my time between check-in and monitoring. Looks like the check-in position is disappearing. Not too much of a surprise, though it's taking a little longer than I thought it would.

I am tentatively to be on the Dendarii Brewing Company team when the new structure goes live as of the 1st. Team membership is only tentative, as per the draft schedule that Pink Shirt Guy was building, but I like the idea. I might rather be on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB out of general principle, but I think I prefer the Dendarii Brewing Company as both a client (shh!) and as a survey to be on day in and day out. On the other hand, the theory is that Supervisors (and there is no Phone Goon Pulled to Assist position in the new org chart: there are Managers, Sub-Managers, Supervisors, and Phone Goons) are not on the phones, period.

Today was supposed to be a short shift, but one of the inbounders got stuck on a long survey (one of Those Respondents, and on the Dendarii Brewing Company survey, no less) so we had to wait for her to get out of there before we could finish up everything. I did a rather a lot of cleaning up while waiting for the shift to close down. And editing. And ... yeah. It was one of those stir-crazy days with not enough phone goons to supervise and too many supervisors to go around. 1:5 is a bad ratio.

Left messages with Dawn and amberfox; Dawn has been busy with Mouse-related extracurricular activities, but calls every once in a while. Called V and updated her on Life. hcolleen, remember to put your poem in the group folders, 'k? V wants to see it! I need to put mine in, and the Dave thing.

Called Darkside. Darkside was busy. *pouts* Ah well. :)

Commenced with certain items of the cleaning up. Now have nice large bulk food storage bins for staples like flour & sugar. Glee! Moved the unstable shelves to the closet; moved the stable shelves out of the closet. Will be putting together one of the new sets of stable shelves, and perhaps doing that tonight, though perhaps doing it some other time. Things are all over in that state of limbo, in any case. Chaos, and this is my life.

Still not all caught up on comments from the utter explosion ... was it only last week? Hot damn. Still overwhelmed.

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