Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


The project these past few days has been assorted levels of cleaning and putting away. The incident with the plastic shelf starting to tip and starting to dump the heavy bottles off of the top has resulted in an incredible mess all over my living room floor: nothing was broken or spilled, but all of the things that were on the shelf came off of it, most of them because I picked them off and put them down, and only some of them from falling.

Some years back I got a very nice pine board shelf from the Fry's Grocery closest to me. When I moved in to the new apartment here, I got a similar one from the one on the corner of 19th and Glendale. That edition was very similar, but of boards of poorer quality, and less easy to put together. I was slightly vexed. But the shelf was still a good one, so I got two more in the past few weeks.

The shelves are supposed to be stacking. It appears that the new model is not stackable with the old model! Vexed indeed! Last night was putting together of the first new shelf, and I had planned to stack it with the oldest shelf. But they do not stack, so I will put together the second new shelf in order that they may be stacked with each other and no one will get hurt. Then, finally, perhaps my dining room floor will be clear?

I clearly need an entire house. Perhaps even a family.

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