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  • Music: - Bwahaha. [0] days since our followers did something really dumbass in our names. "Möbius" -- HP, Potter/Snape, twisted, character death, very good. Not safe for work, the text is. -- Sir Wille of Smithe Rides Agayne! ... do your characters repeat themselves? -- hours and hours of fun! -- The Mary Sue quiz! Take it for your original characters! Prepare for wincing! (rosalynde has it bad. Alia is much better. Must go file serial numbers now.)

Easter egg: now shows up when an entry is deleted.

Pirate weekend at the renfair is the 4th and 5th of March. Hmm.

Cleaning dead songs out of iTunes. I think I got around 5 hours of sleep before my body went all "Hi, it's morning" at me. I was plotting to stay up all day as of about 2 in the morning, but 7 thinks that's a really bad idea. I'm back to 1997 in my read-through by days; I'm doing January and February, since I have some catching up to do from the beginning of the year. My body does like the 4 hours sleep 8 hours wake day-model, which is not such a great plan with the work world. Have now finished reading January and February for all the years of this journal. Not in the sort of detail I'd wanted to, like under the cut tags and in the comments, but eh.

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