Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


LJ icon pet peeve.

There are all these gorgeous icons of someone, clearly some character from some show, in all sorts of poses and attitudes, capturing a full range of moods. Delightful. Or something that's probably very expressive if you know the show or the character.

And you're curious, and you go to the user's pics page to check out the comments on the icons, because you want to know what the backstory is.

And nothing in the icons even says what the character's name is. Not the character's name, not the actor's, not the episode, not the show, nothing.

I don't watch TV, though I do get some exposure at work. I haven't watched half the crucial movies. I don't even see the trailers for the current hot shows, because the TV in the work break room is tuned to CNN Headline News. I don't know the faces of these characters. I hear about them. I read about them. But unless I see the face and the name together, I don't know what that icon is supposed to mean other than the face value.

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