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Cycled my sleep weirdly.

Called Fresh Start after I woke up. No progress on the network key front yet, but I left a message with someone who might be the right person.

Vacuumed the floor. (Yay!) In related news, got a snowdrift of unattended random ads off the floor by the comfy chair.

Washed the car.

Went to writing group. Bookmarked Necromancer's Prayer for easier hunt-through in the 2nd drafting phase. Alia is going to bloody college. Therefore, it makes sense to have more character development with her in bloody college. Likewise, developing the characters of Joe, Meg, and Dan. (What is it about me and one-syllable names?) Alia needs the atavistic prickling of fear around entirely the wrong character, because she is fallible and somebody is a damn big red herring, for the best of reasons.

Also, development of the brotherhood plotline.

More involvement with kellinator's pseudo-cameo.

Writing group dinner had a lot of blood sugar fun, followed by hcolleen and me plotting a Sockpuppet Punching Bag, Villain, or Vile Thing What Should Have Been Time-Looped Out of Existence? type quiz, inspired by the Mary Sue Quiz. (Could the villainy ever be considered the results of a tragic flaw? Must find good copy of Evil Overlord List. Features the "Axe to Grind" item which asks about similarity between villains of the same writer. {Thanks, whichever Listee pointed that one out, especially the phrase about bludgeoning over the head...} In a relatively fair fight, our heroes will: cream the villain, be creamed by the villain, it could go either way. Assuming Our Heroes defeat the villain, their losses will be: no one or redshirts/canon fodder, characters we have come to know and care about over the course of more of the story, Our Hero(es).) Specifically, inspired by that part of the Mary Sue Quiz that asks "I have fantasized about her showing up and besting someone who's just pissed me off, or I put people who piss me off into the story and let her beat up on them."

Poking about on Craigslist. 12/hr @ 40/wk would be nice. 16/hr @ 40/wk would be nicer.

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