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Other things about work today:

Came in what I thought was on time, which proved to be early, which proved to be late. Saturday is a half-hour-after day. Base shift start time 8:30. Supervisor shift start time is one hour earlier. Slow hours shift start time 9:30, with supervisors in at 8:30. I was in at 8 today, which sounded like reasonable, except!

The textual org chart is like so:
OMGMEGACORP > Parent Company > Hell, Inc. | Hades, Inc. | Limbo, Inc. > New!Conglomeration!PhoneGoonCentral!

Corporate Bondage Backstory:
Used to be, Hell and Hades had their own separate stables of phone goons, and Limbo outsourced. But. Parent Company and OMGMEGACORP saw that hey, all three were similar, and all three were outsourcing things that could be insourced, so! Shuffling of resources! Profit! This leaves quite a few separate gloms of Phone Goon Centers rather mightily fussed at being conned together into a huge conglomerate, especially that the phone center that's getting the business acclaim for Doing Things Right and having Good Data is also the smaller organization of the two, having one phone center vs. the other twenty zillion or so, which are not so highly praised. It makes a certain kind of sense that the smaller organization be the one to undergo the most change...

The outsource data collection company doing a survey that belonged to Limbo, Inc. was moving call centers. To avoid data hiccups, the local branch of the conglomeration of phone goons agreed to take it on over the two day period of swapover, at which point we'd return it wrapped in ribbons. This is a rather large job, a good 20 people or more a day. We don't currently have that kind of phone goon power to spare very much. We'd been having 5 to 6 hour shifts last I was in. I came in this morning to the phone center running under full sail and undermanned, given that the swapover was taking about five days longer than they said it would...

Oy? Vey?

Saw some familiar faces I'd thought I wouldn't see again. There's the Hyper Phone Goon who often enough sits next to the Figment on $OTHER_SIDE_JOB, and a tiny, cheerful, and perpetually late woman from $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB. Old familiar faces. Maybe back to stay.

I'd been thinking maybe I could sneak home with a headache sometime around noonish. Instead, 11.25 hours. OMG tired.

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