Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Thursday in review.

Went to bed: too late.
Woke up: before alarm.
Time spent on hair: half an hour.
Breakfast: a mug of applesauce slurped through a straw. (The new default "I'm feeling queasy but need to eat" breakfast now.)

Place of Interview: not realtor. In fact, heating/cooling specialists! I in fact felt vastly overdressed in black pumps, blue stockings, one of my straight black work skirts, one of my standard black V-neck work shirts, and a full face of makeup. Better overdressed than underdressed, especially as I can pull formal off very well.

Was keyed up enough to feel like going and giving plasma before work. Did so. Regretted this mildly midway through the afternoon at work, as I was tired.

I may not have been visible wearing the blue stockings at work before, because Rev. Not-So-Nice Super noticed that something was different, and pinned it as the blue stockings, rather than the 1" heel black pumps or the suffocating coat of grease and tan pigment on my face. This was cause for a day's worth of teasing: blue is a Crips color, it seems, and of course this meant that I was "throwing gang signs" all day long, and about to do a drive-by shooting (a roll-by 409-ing?) or something. (I was vastly amused.)

In Rev. Not-So-Nice Super's limited worldview, I get to wear black and pink, but that's about it.

I really need to do something unexpected. Maybe Hawaiian print on an unsuspecting Sunday morning. But I think the pink cloak already trumped pretty much anything else I could have worn, like ever.

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