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Interview, et cetera.

Eee. I have No Idea whether the Eldritch Stench is the contents of the Lunchbag that Time Forgot or if it's something more elusive. I'm hoping it was the Contents of the Lunchbag that Time Forgot, because the thought of searching everywhere in the apartment is not a pleasing one to me, even though things are in a state of reasonably cleaned up. I'll see more about that tonight or tomorrow, because now is work, as soon as the breakfast/dressed/glasses washed things happen.

I think the interview went fairly well. The job function involves a lot of billing/payroll/account stuff, and while I am absolutely not an accountant, I have a college accounting class behind me, and therefore I have the mental hooks upon which it is necessary to hang on-the-job teaching. There had been a problem with the previous denizens of the position saying they were doing things and not actually doing them. It sounds like it would be mildly nightmarish to learn and then mildly tedious fraught with panic to actually carry out, which is probably not bad as office jobs go.

It did sound like they needed an actual accountant more than they needed me, so I pointed them in figment0's direction when my interviewer took me outside with her cigarettes. (Which I think was a social sign that the interview went well-ish as far as the "I think I could work with this person" goes -- remains to be seen if I'm the most promising person so far as job skills go, because I'd require extensive training, and I might not work out. If she'd thought I'd not socially work out, she'd have made an excuse and gone to smoke out back.) She sounded happy for the referral. (Darkside, if you're reading this: this is how it works. Seriously.)

I was not scared by the long hours in the summer thing. (They try to put everyone on salary so that the insanity in the summer balances out the sluggishness in the winter.) I was not made the squick by the puppy coming in to investigate me. I have experience at being a Lone Woman in the Company of Men. So it's probably down to job skills. And I don't mind losing there. I'd like the job, but, well, it's enough Not In My Field that I wouldn't feel terrible.

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