Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Little things.

Funny: Didgeridoo attack.

Fashion-scary: (via moniqueleigh) CyberGown ( has some of the most ... stunning ... prom dresses around. Bring your sporks & bleach. (For fashion snarkers only, though the Grammar Bitch may be ... amused ... by "hand embellishments of sequences" and "marmaid styling" skirts.) (And the "I can't wear anything under this!" style. Even they can't find a way to spin up the fact that it makes her look like an anthropomorphic The Cheat.)

Sick and scary: Batshit-crazy comes in all religions. Stay away from the Water of Life Church in Plano, TX. Disturbing.

The gang-related teasing at work continues. Homie G. Super: "What's your sign? Throw it up!"
Me: "..." *self-consciously tosses a pencil in the air*
Homie G. Super: "... Bwahaha! A ... pencil. OMG." (to K-Bone) "She be rollin' with the Pencil crew of the Crips, dawg. You gonna stand for that?"
K-Bone: *eyeroll*

Today Obso1337 Super had to crack a dictionary to prove that "gay" meant "happy".

Tomorrow (okay, today, Saturday) is a 10 hour shift.

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