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Politics, sex, and humor

[Late addition @ 6:49pm: sailorjim is in search of a reporter or reporters to take a crack at a story. If someone came back from Iraq with all sorts of evidence pointing to fraud, graft, and corruption, wouldn't you be excited too?]

Politics: For those who haven't seen it: Jon Stewart's morning-after report on the Vice Presidential Hunting Trip. Nice parallels drawn there. As Clinton's philandering served as a point of commentary for his way of doing whatever the hell he wanted no matter what his political opponents thought of it, this serves as a small and stupid point of commentary on the current way of taking a position, sticking to it, even when it becomes completely ridiculous to do so.

The fact that the lawyer in question is now doing much more poorly and it still seems to be taken lightly by the VP is as close to a direct media parallel of the action in Iraq as I think we're going to get.

I don't think the current administration is adaptable.

Sex & Relationships: Apropos of the recent arrest of a man who kidnapped his wife over taking their children to the wrong church, and the subsequent digging up of a copy of a "relationship contract" he tried to pressure her to sign, some helpful distinctions for the layman or law enforcement personnel on distinguishing BDSM from abuse.

Consent, especially informed consent, is the backbone of safe/sane/consensual kinky sex. Granted there may be RP of non-consensual situations, and some of the consent may be implied rather than explicit, but it's still consensual.

Funny moments from the renfest:
Fully bald knight type in long black leather armor with silver studs. Just needs helmet & horse. And he's ... on his cellphone.

Some random guy walks up. "Let's have a staff meeting!" he says.
I place my staff by his.
"That was a good meeting," says he, about 10 seconds later. "Very productive."
We walk our separate directions.

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