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Stupid computer.

Can't even change the damn time on the damn computer. This sucks. School computers. In a school full of hackers and crackers, it makes sense to lock the computers down so you can't even ... argh, though.

Not that I'd know how to crack the damn computer in the first place. I'm still a user. All the clocks in this school are wrong.

I'm cold.

Conversations these mornings seem to consist of:

*: "Why are you grinning like that?"
Azz: "Grinning like what?"
*: "Like that. With the teeth."
Azz: "Because you're grinning. Why are you grinning?"
*: "Because you're grinning. Why are you grinning?"
Azz: "Because I was wondering what was going on in your mind."
*: "That's strange."
Azz: "And why is that strange?"
*: "Those were my exact same thoughts."
Azz: "So who started grinning first?"
*: "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"
Azz: "The dinosaur."
*: "That's a new one."
Azz: "No, that's an old one."
*: "Well, I've never heard it before."

And so on. Just us smiling, and then wondering why the hell we're smiling. Sis tells me that the guy in question is perfectly aware what I think of him. That's not news to me; I told him a while ago. It would be downright disrespectful of me to try to keep that from him. If I could successfully conceal it from everybody, I might have a chance at not telling him, but as it stands I must tell him everything that I don't have a damn good reason for not telling him, a reason other than my personal discomfort.

Summary: We're friends. I care about him somewhat more than that. He knows it. I shouldn't expect any constructive feedback on that front any time before October 16, 2001. In the meantime, we're having a lot of fun giggling about movies, school, beer, how many beers it takes my roommate to get drunk, vampire: the masquerade, the process of becoming a were-cat, and other related issues that two young people twenty-one years of age would talk about together.

I'm happy. Wow.
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