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Hi, Hermit.

Not sure exactly what it is going on right now, but I may find myself actively interacting with others a little less than I was. I'm a weird one -- when I need to be by myself sometimes, I go out of the apartment and spend time anonymously in a corner around people that I don't have to interact with actively. When I need company, I may well stay in and talk with people one-on-one on the computer.

Have discovered a "safe" place on IRC to hang out. This has the advantage of having people I know, at least in passing, as well as people who share common interests and people who aren't trolls. Yay safe social time from inside. Yay free safe social time from inside. Yay free safe social time from inside where the other denizens encourage me to hone my rage and hatred tech support fu.

Am not actually attempting to ignore people, but it may well come out that way. I may or may not respond if poked -- if there's a need, definitely poke me. Conversely, there may be all these words with nowhere to put them...

What I really need is some more quiet time with Darkside, preferably without his parents about. Wish me luck?

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