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Mini-rant: the "fake LJ-cut"

Someone in fandom (I think HP) did a poll on the topic of requests for feedback and fake lj-cuts.

There have been a metric bazillion things in assorted communities out there that have perfectly good teasers and then a link. Perfectly standard cross-posting. But wait, what's this? Follow the fake LJ-cut to my journal and read more!

Who sees the problem with this?

Take a tube of strawberry-scented chapstick. It is pink, it does not cost over $2, and if you are an eight-year-old little princess, you can probably get away with wearing it to school. It is not a tube of MAC lipstick, priced at $14 (plus shipping), and ever-so-shiny and bold. Your average eight-year-old princess would get to go to the nurse's office to wash it off, and get in trouble with Aunt Angel for borrowing it without permission and smashing it up some.

Calling this link a "fake LJ-cut" is like claiming that tube of Chapstick is really MAC. People who are not makeup geeks may not notice this. But people who are will bore you a new one. Pinkly.

A helpful reference for those who haven't had it explained to them yet:

Bare link:
( Just copy the address you see in the address bar of your browser and paste it in; LJ automatically turns it into a link unless you are playing in Anonymous Coward mode or manage to mangle the address. The http:// part is crucial. )

Regular link: Whee, my journal is there!
( <a href="">Whee, a link!</a>

Fake LJ-cut (plain) ( Read more... )
( <b>(</b> <a href=""><b>Read more...</b></a> <b>)</b>)

Fake LJ-cut (fancy) ( It totally looks like an LJ-cut, but it's actually the main page of my journal! )
( <b>(</b> <a href=""><b>The fake-cut fu is strong with this one!</b></a> <b>)</b>  )

For contrast:

An actual LJ-cut: [nothing to hide!]
( <lj-cut> )
( <div class="ljcut">This is what the brand-new FCK Rich Text Editor does to your cuts. </div> Oy vey. )

An actual LJ-cut with optional text: [eek, leet.]
( <lj-cut text="Special text!!"> )

For the love of Frank:
If you don't know how to do a fake LJ-cut properly, don't do it. If you're going to be using a regular link, call it a regular link.
The future in spiffy links is tiny text image bars anyway.

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