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An unusually fine crop of links!

Sony Online Entertainment and Penny Arcade have a go at each other. The mere description of the comic was enough to turn Stressy College Chick off from Krispy Kreme forever. I must say that was a sharp PR move on the party of SOE. There is immense media power in hearing a company's product dissed by Penny Arcade. But to quash the fine fellows from stating their (caustic) opinion would be a worse media move. So. 1,200 doughnuts are hilarious, and not easily ignored, and are a gesture of reasonable goodwill akin to that of a ... bouquet of flowers? (Heh, heh, Jack.)

Via dduane: Hen and cat are friends! (The video says it's a rooster, but whoever tagged it that does not know chicken gender very well.)

New Orleans wants books for the public library!

I wonder if there are any studies on the effects of personal web surfing sponsored by entities other than internet lockdown firms?

MyRoomBud: costumes for Roomba!

House: Pain management vs. drug addiction! Now with more ataniell93 willing to slice a clueless fandom a new one!

mock_the_stupid: ZOMG BLUE HAIR! Is that natural?

When ink and pen in hands of men
Inscribe your form, bipedal P
They draw an altar on which
God has slaughtered all stability
No eyes could ever soak in all the places you anoint
And yet to see you all at once we only need the point
Flirting with infinity, your geometric progeny
That fit inside you oh so tight
With triangles that feel so right


Your ever-constant homily says flaw is discipline
The patron saint of imperfection frees us from our sin
And if our transcendental lift shall find a final floor
Then Man will know the death of God where wonder was before
(It's, like, geek monks chanting. So hot.)

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