Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Notes on work

Monitor/check-in today. There would have been 4 of us monitoring, but Homie G was out sick, so K-Bone had to fill in for him supervising, and then one of the other monitors was out as well, so it's down to me and Sexy Bone.

Argh. I really hate it when Rev. Not-So-Nice Supervisor is running jobs that I'm monitoring, because it feels like he rarely discusses issues brought to light in the monitor reports with the phone goons. It's probably just me feeling that way, but it's not a nice feeling.

"Listening to fax machines" is a thing that I don't want to have to put on anyone's monitor report, because if they're listening to fax machines and I'm monitoring them, then I'm listening to fax machines. And I don't like listening to fax machines.

There's nothing really clever for me to say about work today.

The lady who's known for barking at respondents didn't do that today, at least.

Poser-Geek showed up! It was good to see him. He still fits in here.

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