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More with the workplace.

Looks like a later night than it's been lately. Took break much later than most monitors should be taking it. Alas, poor monitors.

It really is amazing to see what people who aren't computer people don't know. Stressy College Chick was annoyed that the Plaid Geek was acting like she was ignorant or five when he was showing her what to do, but it was really something that is that simple if you're a technical person, and we do tend to forget how challenging these things can be if you're not used to it. Sort of like tying shoes, in that until you get it down, you're all over the place and clueless. Except adults aren't always so used to that feeling of helplessness, and the condescension.

The Goose Girl really has blossomed into a confident interviewer. I remember her jumping at her shadow when she first came here. It's great to see her sure of herself and not cringing when she gets something wrong.

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