Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Cellphone Helldesk

Rev. Not-So-Nice Super and Comic Pirate Super are dreadful. They just impersonated a cellphone helpdesk. Granted, it was a wrong number. But they didn't say so. Comic Pirate Super was reasonably helpful. Rev. Not-So-Nice Super was about as polite and friendly as your average IVR.


I blasted out everyone's eyes today. I have a Hawaiian-print shirt. It's got a black background with yellow and pink flowers. It's very cheerful. Rev. Not-So-Nice Super was appalled. Wait until his inner darkness gets a load of "Yellow Submarine" he sees the Descendant of the Frog Skirt...

("The Frog Skirt" was a turquoise-blue skirt with a pattern of little toxic rainforest frogs. Very bright. Mama thought it would be hideous. It was actually gorgeous through sheer audacity.)

...Did the Barking Mad Professional just call Rev. Not-So-Nice Super "Charlie Brown"?! I think she did!!

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