Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Things that do not improve my Sunday morning:

  • The bane of every monitor is those people who are perfectly professional and great at what they do, but who (for whatever reason) just grate on the nerves. They're doing nothing wrong, so there's nothing to mark them down for, but they're just ... grating.

    And they'll be there forever.

  • Going into the alternate room that we're using for the day and discovering that the calendars in the booths are from last year and have to be replaced before the phone goons get in is always fun.

  • None of the computer issues in that room have been fixed for a couple months, mostly because we haven't been using that room in a few months.

  • The guy who was singing "Jesus don't want me for His sunbeam" on the open line did amuse me.

  • When the old lady says "You're calling on Sunday! Shame on you!" that's fairly funny. When the phone goon repeats "Shame on you!" and giggles after she's supposedly hung up, that's far less funny from a QA perspective.

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