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You know, dude, we'd have a lot more sympathy for your plight if you had said "I know my voice is going to blow by the end of the day at this rate" rather than saying "The respondents can't understand me, my voice is totally gone." Because your supervisor will have you monitored, and while the monitor understand the way you know your body and how your voice is actually going to blow out within a few hours, she will be damn cross that you're claiming that right now the respondents are completely unable to hear you and you should be sent home post-haste to avoid damaging the sample. Because that's an outright lie.

I'm not sure if I'm awake or asleep, quite. Monitoring is not good for keeping me on my toes.

... unless I have the sort of person to monitor who *keeps* me on my toes, that is. ARGH BAD MONITOR REPORTS FOR PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BLOODY WELL KNOW BETTER.

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