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More things about today (the I-will-remember-this-because... version) and in general

  • Mormons are not supposed to gamble.

  • The Figment is known as "Dilbert" to the rest of the bullpen staff.

  • Current plan of eating stuff is the "two meals a day" version, because I learned my lesson with previous restrictive attempts at diet planning that did not allow for "OMG HUNGRY" and the whole dizzy/weak/braingoboom thing, which leads to uncontrolled diet-breaking and then feeling lousy. Allowing for OMG HUNGRY and random snacking on stuff (carrots are a primo snack food, actually) it'll round out to three-ish actual meals a day. Breakfast is sorta mandatory.

  • Airzooka. Bright pink airzooka. ♥ my aunt. Date of planned roll-out: April 01. This will coincide with the new crap going down. Not a coincidence.

  • Am in on Wednesday for client call. Pizza afterward supplied by client. Is not a break; is a Business Lunch, and therefore is charged as Meeting time. (Yes. I'm going in on my day off to get paid to eat their pizza. And do surveys, but hey. Client call. Score.)

  • Supervisor uptraining. Running jobs and stuff. Stressy College Chick asked to see if I could be on the $OTHER_SIDE_JOB team. I firmly declined.

  • The fellow whose name reminds me of the band "7 Seconds of Love" is going to be a supervisor. Ph34r. (I actually don't know him, but since he hasn't come to my negative attention on the phones, I'm all for it.)

  • Wrist-strap flash drive: I want one.

  • Flash Disc: Inexpensive enough so that you can give one to your mom, and they're big enough so she might not lose it.

  • Sad: Cryogenics would-be survivors partially thawed through hardware failure, and reluctantly laid to rest.

  • I am on a romantic high from the progress of two separate-but-related relationships: the way Naomi is courting Darkside, and the stuff that's progressing between the (fictional) Mike and Colleen.


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