Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Work, breakfast, sleet, mourning, and the almighty mute button

Life is good. A nice salad for breakfast starts the day off right. Waking up ten minutes before the alarm clock also starts the day off right.

Network guys were here overnight. I got doughnuts, bagels, and muffins. These two things are connected. I figured they'd really need it.

There was lots of precipitation with ice in.

Called the parents and left a message about the Pink Menace on the machine. Dad called back and talked about those soft drink cups with the narrow bottoms to fit into cup holders, and how to have fun with them.

"But full ones eventually become partially empty ones," he said cheerfully. "Think of it as ballast."
"Think of it as payload," I countered, which sent him into guffaws.

Homie G and Rev. Not-So-Nice Super are in mourning for a friend of Homie G's little brother's. The friend was shot dead for some stupid senseless reason or other. It seems like pretty much the whole neighborhood knew and liked the kid.

When not to use your mute button: when you're sitting on the phones chatting with your friends and hanging up on respondents because they're interrupting your conversation.

When to use your mute button: when the respondent is pissed off at you and says something so hilariously funny that you have no choice but to laugh.

Time to duck and cover on the inbound lines.

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