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That computer is not good for this.

How to say "That computer is a piece of shit" in polite business language!
I checked over the [] conference room in preparation for the client call on 3/21 and 3/22. This is what I found:

The large conference telephone is plugged into the dialer telephone system and ready for use. Dial [] and the three-digit booth number to log in to monitor.

PC needs to be replaced:
  • The current PC in this room takes 15 or more minutes to fully boot up.

  • A web page, such as a monitoring log page, takes 2-5 minutes to load.

  • The PC takes over 8 minutes to log off.

  • This PC is either: a) not fit for any modern computing task and should never again be used for any task that requires a timely boot up process, a timely log off process, or anything involving a web browser, or b) it is so riddled with malware that it needs a complete reinstallation of everything. As it runs telnet just fine, I suspect the former and recommend a replacement rather than a reinstallation.

After the PC is replaced, someone will need to test that it can connect to telnet [] and http:// [] monitoring/ before the client call.

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Disc project commences. <voice="Troi">I sense ... hostility. </voice> Namely, the PC back there won't let me log on as me, and has no network access to the stuff out here, and I can't hit the internet either. And that's what keeps me sane for the discs.

Fuck, in short.

On the bright side, there was rain. There was ... I think it's "sleet", when it's not quite hail, but there are mushy ice crystals in the huge drops of rain?

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