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Network, ID-10-T

The IT guys came in yesterday evening around 5-ish to get everything set up for last night's big installation. We'd been seeing some random guy in a manky shirt walking around with a ladder for the past week or so; he turned out to be a data cable contractor.

We got packages from Cisco in the morning on Saturday, and we put them aside for the geeks. Hooray networking fun!

When we got in this morning, the geeks were still here. No one could log in to the computers because they were still getting stuff done on there. They didn't give up the system until 7:30/7:40-ish. That was over 12 hours for them there. It was at this point that I decided that since I couldn't do jack and everyone had to be exhausted and hungry, I was going on a breakfast run. I got doughnuts, bagels, and muffins, plus cream cheese and orange juice. Everyone was essentially happy.

The Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek said that after what they'd done tonight, they didn't deserve doughnuts. I attempted to comfort him. He thought I'd studied networking, and said that tonight was one of the nights that make you wish you'd never gone into the field.

Those are really the nights that you need someone with doughnuts about.

ID10T. The local temp files of about 400 discs that I spent so much painstaking time getting rid of so they wouldn't get in my way? Not so local. Not so temp. I called IT (who was still here); the Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek told me to write down the address and he could restore it from Friday's backup. It helped, I think, that I started out the call with "I just did something incredibly end-user stupid; I need a file on the network restored from backup." Didn't get a lecture. I think he's probably thinking that I can lecture myself, given what I said...

In my (meagre) defence: I went to the file from a desktop shortcut, and the machine I was on doesn't display the full path of the directories. (Ouch. I think that even makes it worse.)

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