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Busy Loonie.

Still at work, despite the sporadic answering of comments. I sort of let it slide when I'm back in Sampling, mostly because there's so very little else to be doing back here while the disks copy. When they're small disks, I am kept very busy switching them out, but when they're very full, the read speed is slow enough so that I can type rapid-fire in between everything and get rather a lot of stuff written.

It doesn't lend itself to conversation very well, because I'm doing it in bursts, rather than steadily, but it's something that powers blogging very well.

I have a command console window open, a file explorer window open to the temp directory I'm saving these to, my e-mail window open here, and then a Pandora window. I'm listening to the Finest Workstation again; right now it's "Dreaming of Me", by Depeche Mode. Gotta love the 80s (unless you don't, then if you can't dance...)

There was a disk with a bent metal bit. It unfortunately sort of got stuck inside the drive after going in just fine. I had a moment of sheer panic, picturing a removal process involving pliers and eventually IT. It's fortunate that this drive is a removable one; I stopped it, pulled it out, saw where it was hanging up, and modified a paper clip to hold the metal bit down while I slid it out. It was the desk drawer problem. The trick worked. I was so glad. I don't like jammed disk drives at all.

I called Darkside's place a bit ago. I got his mom. Darkside himself was out cold. Yay Darkside getting a nap! He might call back if he wakes up. And since I'm in back, I might even be able to take a call on the cellphone.

Taking a break from active copying and instead letting the stuff move itself across the network. I'm not being actively stupid and putting the new stuff in the old folder that's going to be restored from backup. I made a new folder that explicitly says that it's the
new stuff from today.

I just realized that I've been here nearly twelve hours, and I haven't yet actually taken my break. I've ducked in and out of the ladies', and I've snagged the odd pastry around lunchtime, but I haven't actually gone on break.

I think I should probably fix that.

As of now I have five and a half little boxes of copied disks, one box and a pile of blank disks, and a box-and-a-half plus a bundle of disks yet to copy.

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